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Heretic Country Schedule

for week ending Saturday Sept. 23

We've only got 'country' on Thursday night this week, so be sure to meet up then with your friends!  Never a cover charge for Heretic Country!!  Also, check out what's going on at the Heretic this Saturday night.



Thursday, September 21 - 3LC COUNTRY DANCE NIGHT -  NO COVER! - Free line dance lesson 8-9pm - "Chompin' at the Bit" - with Instructor KEN. Beginners Welcome! Open dance 9pm-3am with DJ JUSTIN!



Friday, September 22 - Ritual presents  TREASURE ISLAND - PIRATE PARTY - with VJ ANTHONY & DJ SYSTEM FAIL! $




Saturday, September 23 - TWO EVENTS:   READY 4 HOPE BEER BUST -   $15 donation benefits AIDS Walk / AID Atlanta 1-5pm then later, join us at 10pm for  DEEP SOUTH - CARRY NATION - with DJ ROBERT ANSLEY. $



Here's the Heretic's current Calendar of Events - click the image below to preview or to download your own copy. 'Country' events are high-lighted in light yellow...



Country Dance Etiquette:


1.  NO smoking or drinking on the dance floor.
2.  NO loitering on the dance floor - if you're not dancing, move off the dance floor! 
3.  If you turn down a dance request, please politely wait until the next song to dance
     with someone else.
4.  Faster couples dance on the outer circle, slower couples on the inside circle.
5.  Line & slot dances [East Coast, West Coast. Cha-Cha, etc.] keep to the center of 
     the floor.
6.  If you bump into someone, APOLOGIZE, and keep moving.
7.  Please keep the dance salt in the corner. Someone with leather soles can slip &

     get injured.


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OPEN WED-SAT 2pm-3am
21+ TO ENTER CLUB - Legal Govt.-Issued Picture ID Required!